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Tribunal Secretary Training

With the inevitable presence of both factual and technical complexity in modern international arbitration cases, the organisation of hearings and other procedural elements can be demanding and time consuming. 


To help facilitate these elements, arbitral tribunals are increasingly relying on the support and assistance of 'tribunal' or 'administrative' secretaries - active participants who, albeit not part of the tribunal, assist the latter throughout the proceedings with administrative tasks, including communicating with the parties on behalf of the tribunal, organising and attending meetings and hearings, taking notes or minutes, keeping time, drafting procedural orders, to name a few. 

More often than not, tribunal secretaries are legally qualified, usually junior lawyers, and can, as is the case in investor-state arbitrations, be secretariat members of an administering institution. 

In recognition of this increasing role, CADRIn has designed an interactive, 2-day training course to equip regional and international practitioners with the practical skills required to function as tribunal secretaries in arbitration, in both domestic and international cases. 

A certified program, currently offered in partnership with the BVI International Arbitration Centre, the training offers comprehensive knowledge and skills, allowing delegates to offer their services as tribunal secretaries immediately upon completion. Participation and evaluation is therefore rigorous.

The course covers: 

  • What is expected from a tribunal secretary? 

  • The appointment of tribunal secretaries 

  • Applicable laws, rules and principles relating to document production and disclosure 

  • Tasks and roles in the organisation of the proceedings, including the drafting of procedural documents

  • Support offered by tribunal secretaries from receipt of the case file to signature of the terms of reference and through to evidentiary hearings

  • How tribunal secretaries support the drafting and delivery of arbitral awards 

Participant fees: USD $500 


To register your interest, please contact us, and we will be in touch when the next course is diarised. Upcoming courses are also available to book online. 

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