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ADR Essentials

1-hour introductory sessions offering guidance on the key principles of arbitration and mediation.


While the topics are stand alone, participants may build a program based on their individual interests and practice, with discounts available for bulk bookings. 

Participant fees: USD $25 per session 



Introduction to Arbitration 

Arbitration for Attorneys

Arbitration for Business Professionals 

Arbitration for Individuals

Choosing an Arbitrator

Arbitration Preparation - Parties & Attorneys

Arbitration Preparation - Arbitrators

Arbitration Agreement 

Arbitration Hearing

Arbitration Awards

Experts in Arbitration 

Sector Focus - Construction 

Sector Focus - Insurance 

Sector Focus - Sports

Sector Focus - Oil & Gas


Introduction to Mediation

Mediation for Attorneys

Mediation for Business Professionals 

Mediation for Individuals

Choosing a Mediator

Mediation Preparation - Parties & Attorneys

Mediation Preparation - Mediators 

Mediation Agreement 

Mediation Day 

Mediation Outcomes 

Experts in Mediation 

Sector Focus - Workplace & Employment 

Sector Focus - Construction 

Sector Focus - Business to Business 

Sector Focus - Wills, Probate & Trusts

To register your interest in any of the above courses, please contact us, highlighting which programs you would like to attend, and we will be in touch as these are diarised. Upcoming courses are also available to book online. 

ADR Essentials

Short, introductory sessions, offering quick, valuable resources on ADR to equip participants to discuss with advisors and clients

ADR Advanced

In depth guidance on legal principles, procedure and best practice in ADR for arbitrators, mediators and attorneys

ADR Advocacy

Addressing ADR advocacy as an essential tool in practice development for litigators and transactional attorneys

ADR Virtual

Covering practical issues for setting up and conducting ADR sessions virtually online 

TS Training

2-day intensive course for professionals seeking appointments as Tribunal Secretaries in arbitration 


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