The CADRIn Academy offers a suite of training programs for those looking to build knowledge and skills in ADR. Our courses allow for a great deal flexibility for participants, who can both design a program to suit their individual interests and undertake it at their own pace.

Training with us offers: 

  • Experienced ADR practitioners as trainers

  • Virtual, face-to-face and mixed learning options* 

  • World-class training materials produced by experts 

  • Courses for all levels - basic, advanced, professional

  • CADRIn Certification 


To learn more, please see the available courses below and link through for further information: ​


ADR Essentials

Short, introductory sessions, offering quick, valuable resources on ADR to equip participants to discuss with advisors and clients

ADR Advanced

In depth guidance on legal principles, procedure and best practice in ADR for arbitrators, mediators and attorneys

ADR Advocacy

Addressing ADR advocacy as an essential tool in practice development for litigators and transactional attorneys

ADR Virtual

Covering practical issues such as setting up and conducting ADR sessions virtually online

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.

* In light of the global pandemic, all courses are currently envisaged for virtual delivery. We do hope to host in-person programs in time and recommend checking the subscribe box below to receive updates.