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ADR Virtual - Mediation

The continued impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has made remote and virtual working the norm rather than an exception.

This 1-day program is designed to offer detailed guidance for mediators on practical issues such as setting up sessions and conducting the actual meetings, as well as the ethical considerations that are raised when clients are remote in location. 

Participant fees: USD $300 

The course includes: 

  • Introduction to Virtual Mediation

  • Overview of platforms – Zoom, Webex, Teams, Skype

  • Focus on Zoom

    • Recommended equipment and setup

    • Account setup and program settings

    • Mediation session scheduling and setup

    • Functionality, including screen sharing, waiting room and breakout rooms

    • Security considerations

    • Ethical considerations re: confidentiality and privacy

    • Best practice and troubleshooting

    • Quick tips for marketing an online practice

To register your interest, please contact us, and we will be in touch when the next course is diarised. Upcoming courses are also available to book online. 

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